Chislehurst Half Marathon

Online entries for the 2018 event are now closed.

Race entry

Enter online

We have an online portal for entry at Run Britain. Please click on the logo below to enter. Online entries close at midnight on Monday 14 May or once the race limit is reached.

Enter via Run Britain

Entry Fees

Early-bird entry online before 1 Feb
Advance entry online 1 Feb to 14 May
Manual entry after 14 May or on race-day*

*Subject to availability — we recommend that you enter in advance to avoid disappointment as the inaugural race held in 2016 was sold out.


Applications for transfer will be accepted until midnight on Thursday 17 May.


Should you need to withdraw from the race due to injury or illness, we will allow your entry to be deferred to the following year. Application for deferral is subject to an administration fee of £10 and should be made no later than midnight on Saturday 19 May.


Due to many of our costs being incurred up front, a refund would not be possible in the unfortunate event of cancellation. In the event that the race is cancelled or postponed we would offer free or discounted entry to a future race with the option to transfer or defer entry. The offer available would need to take into account costs incurred in organising the race and any additional costs required to organise a subsequent race.

Entries received

Race number Surname First name Sex Club
38 Adams Austin M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
180 Adams David M Petts Wood Runners
220 Aitken Dyte Jon M Petts Wood Runners
35 Albert Jonathan M  
389 Alford-Smith Richard M  
130 Allen Peter M  
194 Andrews Michael M  
117 Arrowsmith Zoey F Petts Wood Runners
415 Avery Michael M  
99 Baines Mark  M  
295 Baker Ruby F Thanet Roadrunners AC
301 Baker Terri F  
325 Ball Yasmin F Thrift Green Trotters
403 Barnett Conroy M GoodGym Race Team
5 Bauly Ian M Petts Wood Runners
376 Bell Rachel F  
95 Bennett Louise F  
313 Bevitt Posy F  
349 Bird Janet F Tunbridge Wells Harriers
292 Black Liam M  
296 Blake Andy M  
163 Bolger Adam M  
46 Bolton Mark M  
135 Bond  Gethin  M  
365 Borreda Tony M  
261 Bouglas Emma F  
273 Bowler Louise F  
270 Bowley Charles M  
112 Bowman Martin M  
274 Bowyer  Molly  F  
402 Boxall Shane M  
75 Boyle Victoria F  
257 Brennan Sally F Vegan Runners UK
50 Breslin Martin M  
43 Broad Robert M  
13 Broucher Lorela F Orpington Road Runners
386 Brough Chris M  
81 Brown Graham  M  
168 Brown Alan M Dulwich Park Runners
310 Brown Robert M  
343 Brown Emma F Dartford Road Runners
199 Buchanan Patrick M  
413 Buchanan Russell M  
123 Buckland Jamie M  
186 Bull James M  
360 Bulmer Nigel M Bromley Veterans AC
327 Burnett Steve M Petts Wood Runners
336 Cakebread David M  
20 Camfield Laura F  
147 Carr Barbara F  
239 Carter Rebecca F  
404 Centelhas Renata F  
244 Chadelle Kevin M  
165 Chambers Jonathan M  
256 Chan Sue-Ching F  
118 Chapman Catherine F  
399 Chapman Beverley  F Heathfield RRC
400 Chapman Graham M Heathfield RRC
271 Charlesworth Annika F Petts Wood Runners
272 Charlesworth Paul M  
229 Christodoulou Andreas M  
61 Clark Emma F  
62 Clark Ben M  
266 Clarke David M  
282 clarke Jo F Orpington Road Runners
166 Clarkson Benjamin M  
151 Clayton Michael M  
320 Cleeves Robert M  
107 Clough Brad M  
176 Cole Sam M  
390 Collier Mark M Bexley AC
17 Collins Nick M  
225 Collis James M Cambridge Harriers
79 Cooper Chris  M  
16 Cooper  Douglas  M  
34 Cordery Adam M  
306 Cover Oliver M  
29 Cox Alex F  
309 Cox Edward M  
356 Cox Les M  
355 Crawford Emma F Petts Wood Runners
157 Croasdale Paul M Dulwich Park Runners
40 Croft Suzanne F  
193 Cumberlege Tom M  
205 Dahl Jesper M  
71 Davies Hayley F  
281 Davis Charlie M  
406 Death Chris M Dartford Road Runners
153 Dennis Tracey F Maidstone Harriers
160 Denny Katy F Dulwich Park Runners
397 Deogirikar Amar M Orpington Road Runners
59 Di Mascio Corrado M  
247 Docherty Daisy F  
174 Doughty Lauren F  
188 Dowling Emma F  
211 Drew Will M  
218 Drysdale Peter M  
357 Durden Steve M  
139 Durman Sam M  
33 Dyson Richard M  
66 Eagles Rachel  F  
287 eaton phil M  
56 Emery Paul M  
133 Engles Oscar M Petts Wood Runners
162 English Harriet F Dulwich Park Runners
350 Evan-Jones Kate F  
265 Evans Simon M  
317 Evans Meurig M Vegan Runners UK
77 Evenden Anita F Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
120 Evenden Steve M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
417 Fedina Alexandra F  
318 Fenwick John M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
328 Ferns Melissa F Paddock Wood AC
146 Fisher Scott M  
373 Fisher Simon M  
14 Fitzpatrick Suzanna F Orpington Road Runners
324 Flasseur  Rajaa F  
405 Foggitt Betty F Bromley Veterans AC
214 Ford Emma F  
103 Foskett Ricky M  
102 Fowl James M  
381 Fradczak Pawel M  
96 Freegard Deborah F  
302 Garnett Tom M  
248 Gatt Floridia  Christopher M Petts Wood Runners
258 Geffriaud  Vanessa F  
278 Georgiadis Rebecca F Orpington Road Runners
242 Gillott  Hannalie F  
115 Golder Daisy F  
116 Golder Molly F  
203 Gordon Mike M  
333 Gosling Tanya F  
201 Graham Gordon M  
192 Grainge Nigel M  
127 Granger  George M  
125 Grant Richard M  
138 Green Jack M  
236 Green Joshua M  
76 Griffin Andrew M  
161 Griffin  Laura  F  
337 Griffiths Oli M Clapham Chasers
154 Grunfeld David M  
209 Guthrie Greg  M  
195 Guy Angharad F  
308 Hackett Paula F  
268 Hammond Paul M  
3 Hann Paul M  
215 Harket Chris M  
18 Harland Pete M  
407 Harris Kelly F  
354 Harrower Andrew M  
122 Hart Elizabeth F  
198 Harte Gerald M  
347 Haskey-Jones James M Tiptree Road Runners
348 Haskey-Jones Rose F Tiptree Road Runners
63 Haslam Lucy F  
15 Haynes Elliott M  
304 Heath Brenhan M Striders Of Croydon
169 Herbert Petula F Petts Wood Runners
11 Heywood Roy M  
25 Hickman Ellie F Orpington Road Runners
26 Hickman Martin M Orpington Road Runners
342 Hickmer Geoff M  
230 Hicks Martin M Bexley AC
416 Hicks Robert M  
55 Hiles Paul M Plumstead Runners
8 Hill Mark M  
394 Hill Laurence M  
305 Hinton Eloise F Orpington Road Runners
334 Hjorth Maria F New Eltham Joggers
298 Hobson Simon M Orpington Road Runners
285 Hodges Michael M  
315 Holland Anthony M Petts Wood Runners
140 Holloway Spencer M  
142 Holloway Craig M  
74 Holmes Karen  F  
42 Hood Jennifer F  
202 Hopek Anna  F  
7 Howe John M  
93 hughes Jane F  
234 Hughes Charlotte  F  
351 Hughes Howard M  
53 Humphris Anna-Lisa F  
114 Hunt Emma F  
217 Hunt Gary M  
158 Hutchings Christina F  
237 Hutchings Laura F  
68 Hyman Jasmine F  
143 Inman Carl M  
144 Inman Rachel F  
290 Janaway Tom M  
251 Jefferson James M  
37 Jeffrey Samantha F  
335 Jenkinson Mark M New Eltham Joggers
72 Jenson Chris M  
73 Jenson Sharon F Dartford Road Runners
263 Jimenez Natalie F Sittingbourne Striders
267 Johnson Olga  F  
395 Johnson Stuart M  
228 Jones Charlotte F  
243 Jones Nathan M East London Runners
23 Kain Paul M New Eltham Joggers
372 Kane Geraldine F  
216 Kann Melanie F  
226 Kay Jenny F  
361 Kent Nigel M New Eltham Joggers
358 Khalid-Yousif Monira F  
377 Kilbey Roy M Orpington Road Runners
210 King Richard M  
363 King Geoffrey M  
129 Kingsmell Andrew M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
179 Kirby Lee M  
124 Kirkby Stephen M  
51 Knowles Amanda F Orpington Road Runners
52 Knowles Marc M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
311 Kubala-Todd Beata F Bexley AC
277 Lamb Richard M  
82 Lapper Helen  F  
185 Launchbury Sid M Petts Wood Runners
219 Leadlay Charles M  
155 Leal Dave M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
412 Lenton Janet F Orpington Road Runners
212 Letts Julie F Crystal Palace Fun Runners
47 Lewis Daniel M  
105 Lewis Paul M  
106 Lewis Martin M  
393 Lewis Roy M  
345 Lim Mervyn M  
368 Line Sarah F  
369 Line Claire F  
384 Linford Nick M  
119 Little Lucie F  
91 Lock Jake M  
233 Lockett Sarah F  
152 Lord Georgia F  
1 Low Scott M  
136 Loynton Matthew M  
279 Lugar Graeme M Orpington Road Runners
364 Macapagal Bell F  
362 Mackay  Alex  M  
4 MacMillan Chris M  
182 MacMullen Grahame M Petts Wood Runners
177 Mann Paul M  
249 Marsden Nick M Bexley AC
84 Marsh Carol F Plumstead Runners
44 Maull Philip M Folkestone RC
150 May Christopher M  
39 McAlley Alasdair M  
213 McCabe Christopher M  
284 Mckernan Brian M  
408 McKim Heather F  
101 Meaning Alice  F  
319 Mearns Ben M  
128 Measures Larry M  
411 Michalski Pascale F  
255 Middleton Bill M Petts Wood Runners
70 Milano Alexandra F  
231 Miller Julie F  
414 Mills Andrew M  
28 Mitchell John M  
339 Mitchell Janice F Petts Wood Runners
10 Molinari Heather F  
110 Molloy Adam M  
64 Montero Julie-ann F Orpington Road Runners
262 Moore Jagroop M  
113 Morgan Robert M  
254 Morley  Jason M  
241 Morris  Neil M  
141 Mould Alex M  
191 Mould Haydon M  
280 Mulligan Nick M  
294 Murphy David M  
321 Nagre Daniel M  
104 Newbon Dan M  
12 Newman  Tony M Orpington Road Runners
187 O'Brien Gregor M  
245 O'Brien Karen F  
109 Ogbu Samuel M  
326 Okarimia Michael M  
322 Okeefe  James  M  
332 Okolo Chidi M  
341 O'Loughlin John M  
240 O'Malley Rory M  
30 ONeill Garry M  
100 Onyett Phillip M  
83 Over Emma F  
69 Ovuike Sara F  
330 Oxley Sean M  
85 Padmore Danny M  
170 Paget Carly F  
126 Panton Tom M  
32 Parkes Amy F  
312 Paudel Reema F  
197 Payne Stephen M  
314 Perepelytsya Eduard M  
148 Perks JoHn M  
36 Perry Rebecca F  
303 Perry Simon M Maidstone Harriers
378 Peskareva Natalia F  
221 Phelps William M New Eltham Joggers
222 Phelps Harry  M  
60 Phillips Jessica F New Eltham Joggers
87 Phillips Tommy M  
208 Philp Alex F  
227 Pigott Victoria F  
92 Pile Graham M Petts Wood Runners
340 Potgieter Francois M Cambridge Harriers
331 Poynton Craig M  
264 Preston Alice F  
121 Prior Oliver M  
286 Race Terry M Orpington Road Runners
371 Ralph Duncan M Tonbridge AC
149 Ramakrishna  Prashanth M  
392 Ramsden Zachary M  
379 Regan Sarah F Bromley Veterans AC
88 Rencontre Amanda F  
134 Richet Stanislas M  
396 Rimell Miles M  
80 Roberts Matt M  
288 Robinson Tom M  
204 Roe James M  
380 Rogers Duncan M  
359 Rondenbosch Roger M  
159 Ross Lucy F Dulwich Park Runners
367 Ruberto Mario M Central Park Athletics
297 Ruck Michael M  
49 Rudman Pippa F Orpington Road Runners
54 Russell Vikki F  
253 Russell Kirsty  F  
250 Sachse Laura F  
419 Sakizlis Vassilis M Petts Wood Runners
293 Sammut Manuel M  
366 Samson Douglas M  
108 Samuel-Ogbu Ireti F  
97 Sanger James M  
307 Scobie Stephen M Petts Wood Runners
375 Scothern Dave M  
94 Scott Ian M  
398 Sealey James M Orpington Road Runners
224 Seydioglu Omer M  
353 Sheerin Sarah F  
67 Sheliker John M  
252 Siegerist Imke F  
178 Simpson Susannah F Crystal Palace Fun Runners
316 Skelton John M  
27 Skupien Annmarie F  
232 Smith Dan M  
391 Smith Bradley M  
145 Snell Rob M  
269 Sorenson Brian M Benfleet RC
260 Speak Simeon M  
65 Spencer  Simone  F  
223 Spittle Matthew M Orpington Road Runners
352 Stankevitch Adam M  
90 Stephen Helen F  
275 Stokes John M  
156 Stoneham Sarah F  
98 Storie Michael M Beckenham Running Club
21 Stringer Marilyn F  
323 Stubbs Andrew M Petts Wood Runners
246 SWAN NATASHA F Seaford Striders RC
171 Taylor Lewis M  
172 Taylor Steven M  
206 Taylor Peter M  
57 Terwilliger  Hannah F  
2 Thornhill Simon M  
207 Todescato-Rutland Samantha F  
167 Toomer Annika F  
9 Trigwell Katie F  
24 Trigwell Andrew M  
58 Truong Hoang F  
86 Turgoose Tara F  
45 Turgut Ros F Orpington Road Runners
418 Turna Kimi F  
409 Turnbull Gavin M  
89 Turner Maz F Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
299 Tyrrell Ian M  
235 Umney Sharon F  
183 Urbany Marijana F Bromley Veterans AC
184 Ustra-Aarons Dilek F Crystal Palace Fun Runners
344 Vickers Fiona F Crystal Palace Fun Runners
22 Wakeling Tom M  
291 Walker Jay F  
175 Wall Brian M  
181 Wallrich Lukas M  
385 Walsh Jane F  
31 Ward Alison  F Orpington Road Runners
48 Warde Liam M  
131 Warriner Craig M  
300 Washington Shaun M  
374 Webb Fred M Swanley & District AC
382 Webby Sarah F  
196 Westlake Richard M  
238 White Aaron M  
276 White steve M Petts Wood Runners
189 Wickenden Stephen M  
6 Williams Paul M  
41 Williams Hilary F Petts Wood Runners
111 Williams John M  
346 Williams George M Crystal Palace Fun Runners
401 Williams Amanda  F Orpington Road Runners
370 Williamson Liria F  
410 Willingham James M Orpington Road Runners
190 Willis Dan M  
78 Wilson Alex M  
164 Windebank Richard M  
259 Winstanley Ella F  
283 Wise Cat F  
137 Wood Michael M  
338 Wood Charlie M  
132 Woodard Mark M  
289 Woolway Henry M  
173 Wright Alan M Bexley AC
329 Wright Nick M  

Entries pending form

Surname First name Sex Club
Bentley Rachel F Petts Wood Runners
Bevan Sherida F Petts Wood Runners
Brockwell  Mick M Orpington Road Runners
Browning Kevan M
Butler Angus M
Camacho Stephen M
Campbell David M Serpentine RC
Carey Phil M
Chapman Will M
Chapman Toby M Orpington Road Runners
Coad Gill F
Cornish Pete M
Elmes Mike & Monty M
Fernandes Jamie M
Gostling Ian M
Hall Katherine F
Hewitt Jonathan M
Higgins Jamie M Bexley AC
Hixon Grant M
Hulse Patricia F
Jackson Robert M Orpington Road Runners
Johnson Tony M Bexley AC
Kelly Joseph M
Kerekgyarto Paul M Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
Kerekgyarto Jane F Orpington Road Runners
Kitchingham Gavin M Orpington Road Runners
Lamb Christopher M Orpington Road Runners
Llewellyn Joanna F
Magee Damian M Orpington Road Runners
Maher Debs F
McClelland Katherine F
Mercer Jason M Petts Wood Runners
Millard Martyn M
Money Alex M Orpington Road Runners
Otter  James  M Plumstead Runners
Parkhill  Colin  M
Payne Phil M Haywards Heath Harriers
Perry Dean M Orpington Road Runners
Pigott Richard M
Pullen Ian M So Let's Go Running
Rons Emma F Petts Wood Runners
Sangha Sanjiv F
Shinn Jason M
Wagstaff Tom M
Wallington James M
Weir Holly F Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC
Williams Neil M Orpington Road Runners
Wyatt Emma-Jane F


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