Chislehurst Half Marathon



A medal will be awarded to each entrant who finishes the race:

The medal for the inaugural race, held in 2016, depicted Thomas Walsingham being knighted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1597. The route includes Scadbury Nature Reserve which was then home to the Walsingham family.

The 2017 medal depicts Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney together with Frognal Manor House, near Frognal corner on the Chislehurst Half Marathon course, which was the Townshend family home for several generations.

The 2018 medal depicts Sir Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden.

Chislehurst Half Marathon bespoke medals


Prizes will be awarded as follows:

* New category for the 2017 event.

If an age related runner (men over 40 and and women over 35) finishes in the first three in the general classification, the age category trophy is then attributed to the next finisher in that category.

Please note that only one individual trophy will be awarded to any one finisher.

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